Do you have trouble losing those last few inches?

Do you want to firm up and smooth out cellulite so you can feel confident in a bathing suit?

Have you lost weight but your skin hasn't bounced back?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then the Viora V-FORM is right for you! 

It’s better than regular laser light treatment, and with cutting-edge radiofrequency treatments, it helps you to lose inches, reduce cellulite and get tighter, smoother-looking skin in a series of quick, comfortable sessions!


We want you to be one of the FIRST people to sign up to get the system at Sanctuaire MedSpa in Lafayette!

"I couldn't believe how fast my treatments were, or how comfortable. This was a great experience - I didn't have to diet at all, and I still went down a pants size and saw a huge decrease in my cellulite!"

- R. S. 56yo


Individual results may vary.


Say Goodbye

to Fat &Cellulite

Through September 30, we are offering

$500 off

of our V-FORM Cellulite Reduction or Body Shaping Series.*


In addition, we are giving you UNLIMITED access to our beautiful sauna/steam room with your series for even better results!

Just enter your information below and book your FREE consultation!

*Please note this offer cannot be combined with the 30% off VIP membership offer.


What can V-FORM do for You?


What if you could get just 6-8 treatments and have your body look smooth and trim?

What if those last few inches could be achieved and your skin will look like you never had the extra weight in the first place?




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